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Round Cake Ring 11cm

Round Cake Ring 11cm
Round Cake Rings


Dimensions: Ø11 cm
Material: Tin Plate

Art No: K-KR11

Round Cake Ring 11cm. Perfect for punching out all kinds of cakes or cookies. Just like all the other bakeware in Kungsör range, the cake ring is a really sustainable “Eco product”. The cake ring is not coated with any toxic “non-stick” (Teflon) material, which also means that it is free of PTFE and PFOA.

These fluted tart pans in tin plate are available in the following sizes; 7cm, 9cm, 11cm and 13cm.

Tin Plated for the sake of the environment:

Kungsör tin plated products are manufactured in Europe. The range consists of large, small, classic, odd bakeware, which you can not get too many of, if you like to bake. Tin plated bakeware are both handy and timeless, and also a much more sustainable alternative to silicone baking tins or those with a “non-stick” coating. Above all, they will always be appreciated by both the user and the environment.

Round Cake Ring 11cm, part of a wide range:

Kungsör has a wide range of bakeware in aluminum and tin plate made in Europe. In addition, all Kungsör products are free of “non-stick” coating and other toxic chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA. The range includes bread loaf pan , tart pans, springforms of all possible different shapes.

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Care of the Round Cake Ring:

Hand wash is recommended. If you avoid a dishwasher, you will avoid any miss-colouring of the cake ring (the properties remain, however).

You can read more at Care

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